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The DiscardIt Podcast.

Host of the DiscardIt Podcast, Jennifer Brantley, Esq., knows what it’s like to feel discarded, but you have to be your own star, even when everything around you seems dim.

You may be scarred, you may have been bruised, but your story isn’t over yet. Let’s make your story a bestseller, together, and one step at a time.

But first, we have to let some things go.

(re)Purposed Season 3, Episode 5: Taking Care of You The DiScardIt Podcast

We push ourselves to the limit every day. We measure ourselves against impossible benchmarks, sometimes ones entirely of our making, and feel like we’re behind in life. But who says that has to be true? You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be…but if you keep running yourself ragged, you’ll never ascend to the heights you’re actually meant to reach. Get some rest, sis. You deserve it. To get our Victory positive affirmations card deck, visit our swag shop at http://www.shopmorethanamrs.com. Follow the DiscardIt Podcast at https://www.instagram.com/thediscarditpodcast/ and your host, Jennifer, at https://www.instagram.com/fire_esquire/. DiscardIt Theme Song: Nah! That Devil Is a Lie – Single by Jasmine Edwards. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/discardit/message
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What People are Saying

“The DiscardIt Podcast is a safe space to navigate those challenging internal spaces -the fears and negative thoughts. Jennifer expertly shines light on those spaces with compassion and understanding.” 

“Omg, yes – ‘Discard the Need for Validation’ (Episode 1) was on point. Can’t wait to listen to more!”